Santa Barbara Superior Court COVID-19 Updates

Santa Barbara Superior Court Implementation Order

The Santa Barbara Superior Court has released a new general order regarding the implementation of emergency relief.

Click the link here to view the document on the court website.

Chief Justice’s Extension Order

The Chief Justice has released a new extension order on May 26th, 2020.

Click the link here to view the document on the court website.

Criminal Law Calendar

Below you will find links to an interim criminal calendar for North and South County, along with an explanation sheet for the different calendar days. These interim calendars will begin on Tuesday, May 26, and continue until the stay at home order has been lifted. Please note all hearings, except Preliminary Hearings, will be by Zoom. Please use the link to the Zoom Meeting Information document  below to log into the appropriate courtroom. The Zoom password will be changed on a monthly basis so be sure to use the correct password for the month when logging into the meeting.

Here is the calendar for South County and here is the calendar for North County.

Click here to view the interim calendar explanation and here for the Zoom meeting information.

Civil Law Calendar

Below appear the links to a synopsis of the planned civil calendars in North and South Counties.

Click here for Santa Barbara and here for Santa Maria.

Superior Court News

Calendar changes have been published on the Santa Barbara Superior Court website. Click the link here for further details.

Additionally, the Court has posted the plan to resume civil, probate, and family law matters on the Court website. The link to the court website can be found here.