Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Barbara County?

When you are charged with a crime in the Santa Barbara area, it is imperative to have a criminal defense attorney who knows the law, who knows the courts, and who will fight for you. The Santa Barbara Lawyer Referral Service can help you find effective legal representation. We can appreciate your situation and will aggressively find you a qualified criminal defense attorney to defend your case.

Our intake staff is one of the most caring, efficient, and skilled, in the Santa Barbara area. We are dedicated to finding you the legal help you need no matter how complex the charges. We are proud of the fact that many of our clients come referred to us from those who we have helped in the past.

Call the State Bar certified, public service oriented, Santa Barbara County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service to find the right criminal defense attorney.

Need help with a DUI in Santa Barbara County?

A DUI is a serious crime with serious consequences. It is imperative that you find a competent, experienced lawyer who has a history of victories in California DUI cases from the county courts in Santa Barbara County. 

Attempting to overcome a DUI case without the legal counsel and expertise of an accredited DUI lawyer is nothing short of impossible. The right lawyer should have expert knowledge in the area of DUI infractions and can help both offenders and victims with their claims.  We can help you find you the right DUI attorney. Our panel members include former prosecutors with the district attorney's office who understand all the details surrounding DUI prosecution.

Need help with a MIP? In California, first time offenders convicted of minor in possession violations may have their driver's license suspended for a year. If the minor does not have a driver's license, the court will order the Department of Motor Vehicles not to issue a license until a full year after the minor's conviction. To find an experienced attorney:

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