Utilizing Private Placement Life Insurance For Income, Capital Gains, and Estate Tax Planning

October 15, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
SB College of Law, Room 1
$35 - Bring check to the event, make check payable to SBCBA.

MCLE: 1.0 General MCLE

Speakers: Professor Steven Horowitz and Bradley Barros

About the Event: Join Prof. Horowitz and Bradley Barros who will provide a review of Private Placement Life Insurance (“PPLI”) and its application to advanced income, capital gains, and estate planning initiatives.

The program will begin with a review and history of PPLI, and its background in the tax code.  It will also cover recent jurisdiction and best practices, including the proper application of the investor control doctrine.

You will learn where and how PPLI can provide substantial benefits and costs savings that may otherwise be unattainable through traditional planning and life insurance.  This program will include an introduction into advanced PPLI planning strategies.

We will conclude with a Q & A segment in which you may bring up case specific scenarios.

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