Are you considering hiring a bankruptcy attorney in Santa Barbara County? Filing for bankruptcy may postpone your home's foreclosure or repossession, garnished wages, and it will put a stop to calls from bill collectors.

It is very important that a bankruptcy case be filed correctly, and this can be extremely challenging  to do, filing “pro se”, without a bankruptcy attorney's representation. There are many technical steps and rules involved in filing for bankruptcy that, if filed incorrectly, negatively affect your rights as a debtor. The U.S. Courts recommend that you hire an attorney to avoid negative long-term financial and legal consequences. The Santa Barbara Lawyer Referral Service can help you find a capable bankruptcy attorney.

The intake staff of the Santa Barbara Lawyer Referral Service is considerate and skilled in locating competent  bankruptcy attorneys in Santa Barbara.

Call the State Bar certified, public service oriented, Santa Barbara County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. We are dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need when it come to finding a Bankruptcy Attorney in Santa Barbara County.

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